Make & Play

Grafix Pottery Wheel

£9.99 £7.99

Mould and decorate your own clay pots with the Grafix Pottery Wheel. This fun pottery-making kit allows you to make your very own clay creation from start to finish. Moisten some of the modelling clay and place it on the pottery wheel, which will spin when you press down on the foot pedal and help… Read more »

Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats

£9.99 £5.00

Product Description Make your very own Ice Cream Treats with Kinetic Sand – the squeezable sand you can mould with your hands! Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, Kinetic Sand is so incredible you can’t put it down. It oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes. It flows through your fingers… Read more »

Fairy Nature Garden

£24.99 £12.50

Discover the magic of nature through play with Fairy Nature Garden Grow edible plants from the seeds provided and learn about collecting and re-using water with the water butt Complete with two fairies, animal friends and a two-storey flowerpot playhouse that opens-up for easy access Includes two growing areas to offer hours of imaginative play.… Read more »

10 Pack of Playing Dough


Such a popular product. 10 tubs of dough for only £4.99. This may not be the brand everybody heads for, but we found it to be just as good and even more popular in our stores. Grab yours today for onlyu £4.99.