Top Ten Gadget Toys

Master a Million


How long will it take you to Master a Million?

Hot Wheels Nitro Charger R/C (Red or Orange)


Product Description Iconic Hot Wheels with full-function R/C driving and a turbo mode feature. Press button to activate turbo mode and light-up engine for high speed R/C fun! Each style of Nitro Charger operates on it’s own channel, allowing 4-way head-to-head racing. Age 6+. 1 car only. Choose colour at checkout. Safety Warning All materials… Read more »

Nikko 8996 R/C Air Elite Racer 220 Car


Product Description For the more experienced Drone racer. Includes FPV goggles with real time video feed. Highly durable frame. 2.4GHz transmitter and 5.8GHz wireless technology.120 degree wide camera angle and video recorder. Also with variable flight modes and 16 “one touch stunts”. endorsed by dry. Age 14+ Safety Warning Read the manual carefully before use.… Read more »

Nikko 8995 Air Elite 115


Product Description This drl licensed air Elite is perfect for new Drone pilots. They can learn to fly with confidence thanks to auto fly technology and variable flight modes so that they can progress as they develop their skills. Safety Warning All materials for fastening or packaging purposes are not part of the toy and… Read more »

Kinetic Flow Ring


Kinetic Flow Rings are the latest craze set to take the country by storm. Made from a single piece of metal, the ring starts life flat before springing into a 3D spiral. Slide it onto your arm to perform loads of cool spinning tricks. Kinetic Flow Rings are suitable for kids aged 3 and up.

Mega Phone


Don’t let the compact size of this megaphone fool you! They’ll hear you at the far ends of the field when you use this powerful megaphone. Easy to hold, easy to carry, it has more than enough range. This compact megaphone features clear loud sound. The possibilities really are endless with it comes to the… Read more »

Mystery 8 Ball


Mystery 8 Ball Shake this Mystery 8 Ball to give answers to your future Think of a question and it will answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ Finished in black ABS Looks smart and stylish Great for kids and adults

Frustrator Puzzle


The Frustrator  Puzzle Mprove your balance and concentration with this 3D maze The Frustrator Ball has 118 tricky levels Difficulty increases as your progress through the maze Shorten the course by starting at level 2 or 3 Makes a great gift for maze and puzzle lovers

Wooden Rubber Band Gun


Rubber Bang Gun Wooden, fun gun that can shoot rubber bands Hand-made using 100% sustainable, light wood Its length measures 25cm and is easily portable Comes with a pouch of rubber bands for ammo Would suit anyone who enjoys messing around

Plasma Ball


Cool Touch Sensitive Plasma Ball Interactive mood light – Makes crazy lightning patterns inside the globe Responds to touch. Reacts to music when switch is flipped Globe made of glass with plastic base unit Globe measures approx. 15cm in diameter. Unit measures approx. 26cm x 15cm x 15cm. Contains noble gases. Powered by UK mains… Read more »

K9 Dog Ball Launcher


Ready, aim… FETCH! Bring fresh excitement to games of fetch by blasting balls sky-high with this awesome Dog Ball Bazooka. Pull back the loading mechanism, place a tennis ball in the nozzle and press the trigger to launch it at break-neck speed. The further you pull the loading mechanism back, the further the tennis ball… Read more »