Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families Forest Nursery Gift Set


Sylvanian Families Forest Nursery Gift Set

Sylvanian Starry Point Lighthouse


Sylvanian Starry Point Lighthouse

Sylvanian Beechwood Hall Giftset


Sylvanian Beechwood Hall Gift Set

Sylvanian Cedar Terrace

£54.99 £40.00

Product Description Cedar Terrace is townhouse style property with three floors. The backless layout allows easy access to the various rooms. With a traditional living room space on the ground floor, a large room on the middle floor and a converted loft-style space at the top of the house, there’s plenty of room for Sylvanian… Read more »

Sylvanian Town Delicious Restaurant


The Delicious Restaurant serves the finest food in town. The set includes a two-storey turquoise restaurant building, spiral staircase, kitchen, table and chairs, chef’s outfit, tableware and menus tasty enough to make your tummy rumble. Age 3+  

Sylvanian Town Chocolate Lounge


The Chocolate Lounge comes with a shop counter, chaise longue, tea cup and saucer, dishwares, and 12 different kinds of chocolates and sweets. Laura Cakebread is the chocolatier, serving delicious chocolates to Sylvanians who stop by for a little nibble! Age 3+  

Sylvanian Town Fashion Showcase Set


The Fashion Showcase Set comes with lovely accessories, along with a shelf for displaying them. Cecilia Teak, the Persian Cat mother is the shopkeeper and she will advise you which accessories match your outfit best! Age 3+  

Sylvanian Town Cosmetic Beauty Set


The Cosmetic Beauty Set comes with an elegant cosmetic counter, stool, make up palette with brush, perfume and lovely cosmetic bottles. Lulu Golightly, the Silk Cat older sister is the make up artist who can give you a little ‘touch up’ after a long day of shopping!! Age 3+  

Sylvanian Town Boutique Fashion Set


The Boutique Fashion Set comes with a gorgeous golden dressing unit, hangers, a dummy, full length mirror, and two beautifully designed dresses. Stella Chocolate, the Chocolate Rabbit older sister is the shopkeeper and all the clothes in the shop are from her own brand! Age 3+  

Sylvanian Town Tea & Treats Set


Have a rest from shopping with the Tea and Treats Set; take a seat at the engraved garden table and chairs before snacking on a delicious macaron and chocolate, washed down with a pot of tea. Age 3+  

Sylvanian Town Cello Concert Set


A set containing the Silk Cat Girl with a cello, stool, score and music stand. The figure has special hands which can be moved to hold the cello and bow. Age 3+  

Sylvanian Town Grand Piano Concert Set


A set containing the Lion Pianist, a Grand Piano, stool and score. The figure has special hands which can be moved to touch the piano keys. Age 3+  

Sylvanian Town Violin Concert Set


A set containing the Chocolate Rabbit Girl with a violin, bow and violin case. The figure has special hands which can be moved to hold the violin and bow. Age 3+  

Sylvanian Town Creamy Gelato Shop


The Creamy Gelato Shop serves sweet and delicious gelatos in town; it’s run by Georgina Maple, the Maple Cat Mother (sold separately) . The set includes a lovely sky-blue shop building, elegantly designed with gorgeous engravings, a counter, table and a delicious array of gelatos. You can enlarge your shop floor by using the removable… Read more »

Sylvanian Town Ride Along Tram


The Ride Along Tram takes guests to their favourite places around town. The elegant tram is red and gold, with intricate engravings, and includes a tram stop, benches, tickets and a map of the Town. A driver’s hat is also included for The Maple Cat Father (sold separately), who is the driver. Age 3+