Top Ten Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Beechwood Hall

£69.99 inc. VAT

Beechwood Hall is a wonderful home with working lights. It has 2 floors and opens up to give access to all 5 rooms. The 2 lights are interchangeable and each can be turned on and off. There’s a balcony that can be added to the first floor and a large play area for the ground… Read more »

Sylvanian Campervan

£39.99 inc. VAT

Opening up the Sylvanian Families Campervan will reveal a whole host of surprises, with pull-down beds, a fold-out table, and seating which can be moved outside for alfresco dining on sunny days. In the kitchen there is a sink and hidden stove, along with lots of cupboard space to store the many household items that… Read more »

Sylvanian Seaside Restaurant

£39.99 inc. VAT

A lovely seafood restaurant with beautiful blue roof. This restaurant is located beside the ocean. It includes two tables, bench, 4 armchairs, 2 chairs, stove made of brick, lobsters, fishes, oysters, sliced onions, corns, paella, salad, several kinds of glasses, salt & pepper, plates, cutlery, some kitchen tools, pier for terrace, and sea part. Figures… Read more »

Sylvanian Cosy Cottage Starter Set

£19.99 inc. VAT

        Cosy cottage starter home is the ideal starter home Includes house, chocolate rabbit girl and the furniture for beginners This house can be connected with beech wood hall, bluebell seven seater, maple manor with carport, seaside restaurant, country doctor clinic, hamburger restaurant and supermarket (sold separately) Suitable for ages 3 years to 10 years… Read more »

Sylvanian Brick Oven Bakery Set

£29.99 inc. VAT

From baking trays to baskets, this set has everything the Sylvanians need to run their own bakery. From twenty nine pieces of bread, to milk butter and cheese, this yummy kit is suitable for a chef-in-training. Ready, set, bake. Suitable for ages 3 years + Figures sold separately.