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John Adams 9344 Dream Phone Board Game, Dream Phone, The Secret Admirer Board Game. Phone his number, listen to the clues, who, who, who has a crush on you? The object of the game is to be the first player to work out who the Secret Admirer is, There is only one Secret Admirer per game and his identity changes for each new game, The Dream Phone has many calling functions dialling a guy, using the phone book and speed dial, When you are ready to guess your Secret Admirer press the question mark icon on the phone, you can dial the guy’s number, use the speed dial function or select from the phone book list to make your guess, The guy will answer your call and will tell you whether you are right or not by saying either ‘sorry not me’ or ‘I am going to a party, wanna come?’ The Dream Phone can also call you, it is the Phantom Caller, During the game the phone will ring without anyone having made a call, The girl on the line will tell everyone a special clue, it’s a free clue but make sure you write the information down on your clue as you cannot call hear back to hear it again, The phone will display which player goes first, Five easy steps to playing Dream Phone pick a boy to call, dial a number and read your clue, search the game board, discard and draw a card, end your turn and pass the phone.

Age 6 +