Lego Type Storage Case


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  • TWO USEFUL FUNCTIONS. A Baseplate and a Storage Box for all your building brick needs. Includes a handle on the top and a lock on the storage drawer to secure your bricks when on the move.
  • ON THE GO – This storage box can be used at home to store bricks but also on your travels when you want to take your favourite bricks with you.
  • BASEPLATE ON TOP – The Baseplate is the perfect size to create anything from a house with a large garden to a sporting arena complete with a crowd! Includes 2 building base plates that be combined into one super base plate.
  • KEEP TIDY – Not only can you keep your Lego bricks tidy, you can also build a structure at the same time. The all in one solution. Includes a handy sliding storage drawer.
  • COMPATIBLE PRODUCT – Block Tech products are compatible with all leading brands including Lego bricks and make a great addition for anyone that wants to use their lego on the go.

(Building blocks not included)