Mega Phone


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Don’t let the compact size of this megaphone fool you! They’ll hear you at the far ends of the field when you use this powerful megaphone. Easy to hold, easy to carry, it has more than enough range.

  • This compact megaphone features clear loud sound. The possibilities really are endless with it comes to the use of our megaphone. Teachers, coaches, police officers, fire-fighters and event planners prefer to use this compact bullhorn for a number of reasons. Well, what could you possibly be waiting for? It’s time to say it loud.
  • Portable – The bullhorn is extremely lightweight and has been fitted with a convenient carrying strap, making it easy to tote around. Easy to use – Operates with 4 “D” batteries and is equipped with a user-friendly control panel. Multipurpose – The megaphone has been used by event organizers, law enforcement, fire departments and rescue teams throughout the country.
  • Siren – Use the siren when you want to get the crowd’s attention. Features adjustable volume.
  • Dimensions: 14 cm x 23 cm.